A passion turned into a business

Starvin’ Marvin: Mama’s Boy My mother was and will always be my source of inspiration. As a young boy growing up, most of my best memories are centered around the time I spent with her. One of my favorite things to do was watch her bake. At times I felt like I was watching a magician because she was just that good. Seeing such an array of ingredients transformed into a masterpiece is quite a feeling to watch. I will never forget when I turned 14 and my mother told me ‘Marvin, I’m going to teach you how to make my caramel apple cake recipe, I think you’re ready.’ Now most 14 year olds would be more excited about driving lessons or going out, but in retrospect I’m not like most. The gambit of emotions flowed through me as I sifted the flour, creamed the butter and sugar, and most importantly kept the eggs shells out of the batter. As I put the batter into the oven, I remember looking at my mom and she gave me a look that would stay with me forever. She was proud. That made me proud. 40 minutes later, the caramel apple cake came out of the oven and all I could remember at that time was the joy and elation I felt. I created something, and it was my mom that empowered me to do so. Although I don’t have her anymore, I still keep her alive by baking. It is my joy and my peace. I never really thought that life would lead me to the kitchen in this capacity but I’ve never been happier. I would love to earn your business as well as keep the beauty of Delores(my mother) alive

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